Things to do with your Big/Little Brother or Sister

Sometimes little moments mean the most...

  • Sundays from 2-3, be a Sunday artist at Museum London
  • Go to Chapters, read a book and have a fun drink from Starbucks
  • Go to the pet store and look at all the animals then research how to care for them
  • Go to the Humane Society, soup kitchen, salvation army to find out about volunteer opportunities
  • Go to a Travel Agency and get travel books to plan a dream vacation
  • Go to the mall and pick out an outfit for each other to try on
  • Go to the library and research a country, then make plans to create a dinner from that country during your next outing, complete with music and table settings (you can borrow DVD's and CD's from the library for free!)
  • Stop by Tourism London on Wellington Road near Southdale for some really great ideas and coupons

*Free Friday nights at the Children's Museum
  • Learn how to knit or sew
  • Window shop at the shops in downtown
  • Do manicures, pedicures and facials
  • Plant some indoor plants or herbs
  • Visit the Art Gallery
  • Make a collage or mural
  • Find a place where you and your Little could do some volunteer work
  • Take pictures and have a showing of your favorite ones you developed
  • Visit the Covent Garden Market
  • Use a compass and go for a walk on trails or just around the neighborhood
  • Write a play and then perform it for friends and family or perform it during a night here at Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • When you can, don't forget to look in the newsletter for Matches Making Memories Events
  • Make a crossword for each other
  • Have an indoor picnic and watch a movie
  • Check out what you can do at the Boys and Girls Club
  • Are there any programs happening on Sunday at the London Public Library?
  • Work on a 3-D puzzle
  • Research about a Holiday or a special occasion ie: how did Valentine's Day come about?
  • Use part of an outing to have your Little Sister brainstorm ideas that she likes and plan ahead again using a calendar so you know ahead of time what you will be doing.
Check out these websites for more ideas:


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