WaitList Activities

You're already part of the BBBS family!

Just because you’re waiting for a mentor doesn’t mean you aren’t already an important part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters community! Interactive events throughout the year offer children on the waitlist an opportunity to meet and participate with one another in all kinds of activities -- fun and educational! These events include Halloween parties, Bowling nights, Self-Esteem Workshops, and Road Hockey games.

Join us on Facebook!  Big Brothers Big Sisters of London & Area Waitlist has our very own page on Facebook.  There you will find activity dates and reminders, contests and information about how to get involved!  Just search us under Big Brothers Big Sisters of London & Area Waitlist to join the fun!


Upcoming Events:


AGES 5—10




February 2nd 5:30—7:30pm

Board Game and Wii Night! Come play and enjoy our wide variety of games and play the Wii!


March 9th 5:30—7:30pm

Time Capsul! Make your very own time capsule and make memories to put inside!


April 6th 5:30—7:30pm

Police Station Tour! Join us on a tour of the police station!

February 9th 5:30—7:30pm

Valentines Night! Come take part in fun crafts and make something for your special valentine! 


March 16th 5:30—7:30pm

Garbage Dresses! Using just garbage bags and craft accessories, fashion your perfect outfit!


April 13th 5:30—7:30pm

Arts & Crafts Night! Jewellery, drawing, painting ceramics, show us how crafty you are!


AGES 11-17




February 16th 5:30—7:30

Movie Night! Come eat popcorn and watch Toy Story 3!


March 23rd 5:30—7:30

Sports Night! Come join us for all kinds of sports! Baseball, football, soccer and road hockey!

February 23rd 5:30-7:30

Mini Olympics! Come on our an win the gold with our fun mini games!


March 30th 5:30-7:30

Girls Night! Join us for a girly night of fashion, friendship and fun!







Saturday, February 5th

Suprise Event!

More details will be available when you call to sign up! Sign up begins January 22nd!

Saturday, March 12th

Surprise Event!

More details will be available when you call to sign up! Sign up begins February 26th!



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